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With the motto of All4wellness, we offer our customers innovative products in the concepts of right water, clean air, good nutrition and good sleep, which we believe are the 4 rings of healthy life.

For a healthy life;

Right Water, Clean Air, Nutritious Food and Good Sleep

We are motivated to make a difference in healthy living by being the distributor of world brands that are leaders in the sector in the concepts we have determined.

About us

Alkatek Group

Alkatek Group was established in 2020 to operate in the concepts of correct water, clean air, good nutrition and good sleep, which it believes to be the 4 rings of healthy life, with the motto all4wellness.

Our Brands

The World's Most Advanced Water Purification and Ionization System, Biontech Alkaline Water Ionizers provide you with the best quality water that you can use in many areas of your life.

The Ritello system is different, it is inspired by ‘Mother Nature’s Concept’ using one of its most powerful elements ‘Water’ to trap all unwanted dust, dirt and contaminants inside its unique water basin.

Cuckoo Alesta Water Purifier gives you the best performance with ultra-slim compact design, tankless architecture, maximum water saving and direct water flow technologies.

Waco Life Water Filter
Portable filtered water purifier that transforms any outdoor water into drinking water that you can trust and drink

We are committed to pioneering a new nature-based food culture by bringing health and value to the lives of people living in the modern world.

Our Sales Channels

All the products of our brands that we are the distributor of are available in many online stores.

4 steps and more for a Healthy Life!

Health has to be the priority of every person. As important as the right water and good sleep are for a healthy life, it is just as important to breathe clean air and eat foods with preserved nutritional value. Alkatek Group aims at a better quality and healthier life for everyone by being the distributor of various brands that are leaders in their class.